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Who’s Behind Ingrid’s Digital Desk: The Face and Functions That Power Your Success

You’ve probably guessed that the person behind Ingrid’s Digital Desk is, well… Ingrid!

But what you might not know is how her journey started. After earning her project management degree, Ingrid spent years working in quality systems and client services.

As a seasoned professional with a powerful combination of experience, education, expertise in project management, and impressive organizational skills, Ingrid Carleton launched her own business as a professional organizer.

For over three years, she helped self-employed and small business owners organize their businesses and office spaces. That was when Ingrid began noticing the common daily struggles entrepreneurs and coaches faced. She knew she could help alleviate those issues.

The Transition from Project Management and Professional Organization to Virtual Assistance.

No longer wanting to limit her passion for efficiency and orderliness as a professional organizer, Ingrid saw an opportunity to help revolutionize the world of coaches and entrepreneurs by leveraging her organizational skills and project management expertise.

Ingrid didn’t want to be your average VA. Her degree and experience were just the start. Having excelled in all her projects, perfecting her skills in organization and meticulous execution, Ingrid recognized that her background could be a game-changer for small business owners, coaches, and entrepreneurs juggling endless tasks and projects.

They needed someone like her to help them free up their time so they could focus on what they did best: growing their businesses.

In 2020, Ingrid’s Digital Desk was born!

Photo of Ingrid Carleton at her desk
Building her dream team!

Adapting her skills and mindset to cater to the specific needs of her clients, Ingrid quickly realized that success in the VA world would require flexibility, resourcefulness, and efficiency. Ingrid was up for the challenge.

Although Ingrid excelled at project management and many virtual assistance tasks, she knew she couldn’t be the Jack – or Jane-of-all-trades. So, she took a page from her own book, practicing what she preached. Ingrid assembled her dream team of experts, each specializing in various aspects of virtual assistance services and demands.

Her team specializes in social media management, content creation, video editing, copywriting, and so much more. This smart move allowed Ingrid to offer a one-stop shop for her clients, ensuring they got exceptional assistance and consistency in every department.

It was also important to Ingrid that she wasn’t just meeting the demand for services beyond her expertise but also creating fantastic job opportunities for other talented individuals.

Taking Her Own Advice to Heart: The Delegation Queen

Ingrid’s success isn’t just about her project management proficiencies but also her ability to practice what she preaches. She knows the importance of delegation and outsourcing, and she lives it. Ingrid has demonstrated to her clients the power of shared workloads.

She’s constantly watching industry demands and trends, embracing change, and always seeking ways to enhance and expand the services her clients need.

Ingrid is a testament to the power of aligning one’s passion with professional skills. Her project management degree and professional experience have paved the way for her to be the successful virtual assistant she is today so she can help streamline the success of her clients.  

Not only has Ingrid transformed her own business but also the businesses of countless others who have benefited from her expertise.

So, ask yourself, what can Ingrid’s Digital Desk team take off your desk?

Photo of Ingrid Carleton at her desk

Fun Fact

Ingrid is a wife, mom, fur-baby mama, and she’s multilingual! Go ahead, ask her “vilket språk talar du?”

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