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Fit Into Today's Digital Landscape: Repurpose Your Horizontal Videos

In today’s digital landscape, video content has become a dominant force in the world of marketing and social media. While shooting horizontal videos is common for various reasons, it often presents a challenge when adapting content to social media platforms that primarily favor vertical or square video formats.

Your first thought might be that you don’t have time to do – or redo – a bunch of new videos.

But all isn’t lost! You can repurpose those horizontal videos to fit social media specs and maximize your content’s reach and impact.

Why Horizontal Videos Are Still Valuable

It’s important to know that horizontal videos aren’t obsolete. They’re valuable for various purposes, including website content and presentations. 

But, if you want to optimize those videos by featuring them on popular platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, repurposing is key.

Trim and Crop

The first step in repurposing horizontal videos is to trim and crop them to fit the desired aspect ratio. 

A 9:16 aspect ratio is typical for vertical videos, while square videos have a 1:1 ratio. Many professional and free video editing tools are available that make it easy to crop your horizontal videos without losing vital content.

Reframe the Story

Repurposing isn’t only about resizing; it’s about telling your story in a way that suits the platform.

When you crop a horizontal video, you might lose parts of the frame, so it’s essential to rethink your video’s narrative. 

Focus on the most critical elements and adjust the content to ensure it still makes sense in the new format.

Add Captions and Subtitles

Vertical videos on platforms like Instagram Stories often play without sound. 

To make your repurposed videos more effective, add captions or subtitles. This ensures your message gets across while enhancing accessibility, engagement, and SEO optimization.

Optimize for Mobile Viewing

The majority of social media users access platforms through their mobile devices. 

To make your repurposed videos more user-friendly, it’s important to ensure that text and visuals are legible on smaller screens. Large, clear fonts and appropriately scaled visuals are crucial.

Engaging Thumbnails

A compelling thumbnail can make all the difference when you share your repurposed videos on social media. 

It’s important that you design custom thumbnails that capture attention and provide a sneak peek into your video’s content.

Consistency in Branding

Consistency is key in branding. 

Ensure your repurposed videos maintain your brand’s visual identity, including colors, fonts, and logos. This helps establish a recognizable and memorable presence on social media and provides instant name recognition when shared.

Test and Iterate

Once you’ve repurposed and shared your videos, don’t forget to analyze their performance. 

Each social media platform has its unique audience and behaviors. By monitoring the response to your repurposed content, you can adjust your approach for future videos.

Repurposing horizontal videos for social media isn’t just about adapting to different formats; it’s about expanding your content’s reach and impact. 

By applying these steps and customizing your approach for each platform, you can maximize the value of your video content and effectively engage with your target audience across various social media channels.

Interested in repurposing your horizontal videos but don’t have time?  Ingrid’s Digital Desk can take that off your desk and get it done so you can focus on your business.

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