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Photo of founder and head VA Ingrid Carleton at her desk.
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About Founder Ingrid Carleton

As a busy wife, mom of three plus a fur baby, and a volunteer with Girl Guides, Ingrid Carleton uses her organizational and tech skills to help manage her hectic schedule and create a great work-life balance.   

In 2020, Ingrid started Ingrid’s Digital Desk. With over 15 years of experience in quality systems and client services, along with her degree in project management, and being multilingual (yup!), she could see the struggles that entrepreneurs and coaches faced daily.

Although their intentions were to spend their valuable time, money and energy working ON their business, they became tied up working IN their business. Taking care of all the important and essential everyday tasks and details that are necessary to run a business.

Knowing she could help alleviate those struggles, Ingrid’s Digital Desk was born!

Using her extensive knowledge and personal experience, Ingrid can help you identify problems and implement simple, practical solutions for your business. She can help you with all those tasks that you can’t do… or don’t want to do. That’s why so many of her clients are able to focus on building their businesses, making them more profitable while finally having time freedom and peace of mind.

With such an increase in demand for virtual assistant services, Ingrid has created a powerful team of incredibly productive and talented individuals who specialize in different areas. That’s allowed Ingrid to expand her valuable offerings to help people like you, focus on your business and create a healthier and happier work life balance.

Imagine what you could do in your life with all that extra free time!


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