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Woman creating a selfie video from her phone for social media and marketing

6 Game-Changing Reasons to Embrace This Powerful Marketing Tool

You’ve likely heard that video can be a powerful marketing tool for your business.  Yet so many of us don’t use it.

We get it! Creating videos may seem overwhelming. Maybe you’re not using video because of a fear of being in front of the camera, think you need fancy equipment, be technically savvy, or spend a lot of time doing retakes until it’s perfect.  

Unfortunately, choosing not to use video also means losing out on their many benefits.

Here are six reasons you need to start creating – or repurposing videos you’ve already done and transform them into marketing magic!

1. Increased Engagement

Video captures and holds your audience’s attention like no other medium. It combines visual and auditory elements, making it easier for people to digest and remember information. In a content-saturated world, the ability to engage your audience is invaluable. It also allows you to connect with your viewers in a very authentic and intentional way.    

2. Viewer Accessibility and Inclusivity

Adding subtitles and offering transcripts for your videos shows you’re committed to ensuring your videos are widely accessible to everyone. That includes individuals with disabilities, including hearing or visual impairments, those who speak a different language but can translate a transcript or subtitles, people who are in a noisy environment, unable to have sound playing, or can’t use headphones for safety reasons. And then others may enjoy a combination of watching and reading.  

3. Improve SEO

Search engines love video content. Google prioritizes it in search results. Boost your SEO (search engine optimization) rankings further by incorporating captions and transcripts into your videos. Search engines can find your text-based content more effectively by providing transcripts and captions for your videos. That translates to greater visibility for your website, social media, and other content. More traffic to your site means greater opportunities to be discovered online and to build your customer base.

4. Brand Credibility and Building Trust

Video allows you to showcase your expertise, products, and services effectively. It humanizes your brand by revealing real faces and personalities while building trust and credibility with your audience. Investing in video editing. That means incorporating your logo, colors, taglines, and other visual and audio enhancements and effects. Video editors can add captions and a transcript.

Image of a clock and bag of money to indicate saving both time and money.

5. Save Time and Money

Hiring a video editor might sound like an extra expense, but it can be incredibly cost-efficient in the long run. When you outsource it, you’re investing in expertise. They know all the tricks, shortcuts, the best strategies for placing your CTA (call-to-action), and current software to get the job done faster and more efficiently. Plus, you don’t have to buy expensive editing software or equipment, spending a bunch of time re-recording, trying to get the perfect video. Video editors can also help you repurpose existing content into various formats for different platforms. Your time is very valuable, and videos offer a lot of bang for the buck!  

6. Boost Revenue

High-quality, engaging videos attract more viewers, helping with engagement and persuading potential customers. They’re an effective way to create personalized and targeted content with segments tailored to specific demographics. And when your videos look and sound fantastic, you’re more likely to capture the attention of your potential clients. As a result, conversion rates are likely to increase, ultimately boosting your revenue.

Incorporating video into your marketing strategy can provide a competitive advantage and help you connect with your audience on an emotional level.

Embrace the power of video marketing to stay ahead in the ever-changing digital marketing landscape!

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